Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Aerial Photograph

August 13, 2002

Bought an aerial photograph (#9964566) of the property from the National Air Photo Library at 615 Booth Street, Ottawa. It dates back to the mid 1940's and shows all the farms that were in this area then. Virtually all the farms are now gone. This property was itself a farm and where our house now stands is very close an old barn yard and buildings. All the buildings here have disappeared due to a fire in the late 60’s. I counted rings of a live ash tree that I cut near the barns on the aerial photograph and there were burn scars in the rings dating to the spring of 1968 as I could best discern. The burn scares were only on that side of the tree facing the largest barn thus I suspect that the tree was scorched on that side only and obviously did not perish. The first ring of the tree, or when it was germinated, I estimated to be in 1958.