Saturday, August 07, 2004

Of Frogs, Flowers, and Weeds.

Spotted several dozen (many) leopard frogs of various sizes, green and brown (yellow) variety.

Wild flora identified:

Black Currant [Ribes americanum] found among the remains of an old drive shed before the house.
Spotted touch-me-not aka Spotted Jewelweed [Impatiens capensis] along east side of driveway.
Tall enchanter’s nightshade [Circaea Lutetiana]
Harebell [Campanula rotudiflora]
Yarrow [Achillea millefolium] has a white flower.
Field is full of purple loosestrife [Lythrum salcaria L.] also along driveway and many other places.
Wild Cucumber [Echinocystis lobata] in field of Area G clearing and along driveway.
Cattails [Typhalatifolia L] in a pond in field of Area I.
Cow vetch [Vicia Cracca] in residential acre before the house.

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