Monday, September 06, 2004

White Snakeroot.

‘Labour Day’,

After noticing this very subtle white flower for some time I was finally able to identify it as White snake root [Eupatorium Rugosum]. It is situated along the driveway and abundant throughout the property. It stands about half a metre tall and in shade. This is a very common plant around here yet I was unable to find it in various flora books for Ontario such as Ontario Wildflowers – 101 Wayside Flowers, by Linda Kershaw, 2002 Lone Pine Publishing, ISBN 1-55105-285-7. Only after accessing an older copy of A Field Guide to Wildflowers of Northeastern and North-central North America by Roger Tory Peterson and Margaret McKenny, 1968, ISBN 0-395-08086-x, was I able to positively identify it. Web searches were not that helpful either in identifying this plant. After identification – the hard part, there was much literature to be found.

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