Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Layout of this Property

This woodlot is a remenant of a 200-acre lot from which parcels were severed off. A condition for a severed parcel is minimum 200 feet front on a county road. What remained was a property with virtually no access to serviceable and maintained roadway. So to occupy this lot required an extension to the current road, which would provide 60 metres today now in metric (196.9 ft.) of road frontage; and to township and provincial standards. The upside of this arrangement is a relatively private lot set back in the bush.

In the mid 1790’s this township, then called North Gower, was surveyed and partitioned into equal lots of 200 acres each. Lots were normally rectangular measured in units called chains of 66 feet. The dimensions of all lots here were 100 chains long by 20 chains wide. If you did the numbers you would find that this is ¼ of a (statute) mile by 1¼ miles exactly. For the metrically inclined, this is roughly 400 metres wide by 2 km. long.

Each lot is layed out side by side in rows running north to south called concessions. Each concession is numbered. Both ends of these lots would front on a road or road allowance called a Concession road or “Line” named to match the concession to its west. We are in Concession Two, which is thus between Second Line Road and Third Line Road.
Within the stack of lots there is also a 66 feet wide (1 chain) road allowance every 5 lots. So a map here would show a grid pattern of roads separated by 1¼ miles as a rule.

This remenant lot is too odd a shape to describe simply. If one were to lay out a grid of rectangles numbering 1 to 8 across the top from left to right and four divisions marked A to D down the side, you could say that the lot comprised blocks A4 to A8, B4 to B8, C1 to C8, and D2 to D8. All other blocks were outside of the property.

Using this system of positioning it is then possible to verbally describe the relative locations of forestry management areas that were partitioned in the management plan of October 29th. They are very generally located as follows;
Partition A is blocks C2, C3, D2 and west half (W½) of D3.
Partition B is C4 and W½ of D4
Partition C is B5, C5 and E½ of D4, W½ of D5.
Partition D is A5 and W½ of A6.
Partition E is mainly D5 and C6
Partition F is mainly E ½ of A7, B6, B7, W ½ of C7, and W ½ of D7 and E ½ of D6
Partition G is E½ of A6 and W½ of A7.
Partition H is A8, B8, C8, D8, most of D7 and half of D6
Partition I is all of C1.
The residence acre is within Block C2 inside Partition A.

From here forward I will use this grid to locate findings in general.

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