Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kemptville Forest Fair 2005

Attended the Forest Fair again this year. The weather was great. The main feature of the fair is the wood auction and this year there seemed to be more wood up for sale than last year. There was a wide variety of wood from cherry to maple, oak, butternut to name a few. There were also booths of local organisations as well as sales booths for books etc. There was one section with a display of insects intended for children. The display was quite interesting, and of course I had to inquire if the display manager knew anything about the glow-worms that I have found here along our driveway. This seems to be an uncommon insect. Since then I have collected four glow-worms in a pickle jar and sent them to her (display manager) to add to her collection of live insects. She will be feeding the glow-worms meal works since the glow-worm is predacious. The mealworms apparently thrive well on breakfast cereal.

I look forward to getting a report of what type of a beetle this worm is related to.

The following is a notice I received about the forest fair which has some helpful information:

To All;

Just a quick note to remind everyone the Forest Fair of Eastern Ontario is this Saturday September 24th 2005. The fair will be held at the Ferguson Forest Center located in Kemptville. There will several forest related exhibits and workshops, kids events, live music and plenty of food. As always there will be a large Log and Lumber auction. This year will be the best ever - there is an excellent assortment of both softwood and hardwood logs and lumber. This year we have a great quantity of Black Walnut logs – perfect pieces for wood turners, other species include; cherry, hickory, basswood, butternut, white oak and sugar maple. There will be a portable sawmill on site for custom sawing. The fair runs from 10:00am until 3:00pm.

Event Sponsors Include

Ferguson Forest Center

Eastern Ontario Model Forest

Ministry of Natural Resources

Ontario Stewardship

Rasin Region Conservation

Lavern Heideman & Son

Limerick Forest Advisory Committee

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