Saturday, February 02, 2008

Butternut Blogs

In this area, butternut trees are becoming endangered due to a fungus that is killing off many of our trees. There is considerable interest now to find and track butternut trees that exhibit a resistance to this disease. Just under 20 butternut trees have been identified on this property and there are likely a few more. To enable the tracking of the progress of individual trees, I intend to create a blog for each individual butternut tree that I am aware of in this woodlot. I will identify each tree by a code. The code will start with a letter which denotes the area or zone in the woodlot management plan and then number the trees in the order that they are found. For each tree I will attempt to post a picture of that tree at least once a year. I will also from time to time take a measurement of the tree being the height and the DBH diameter. I will pay particular attention to scars on the tree or any signs of disease.

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