Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Gift of Acorns

Bert, a colleague in the Ontario Woodlot Association offered me a large quantity of red oak acorns. While there are many Burr Oaks, I have no red oaks on this property and welcome the idea of adding some more diversity on the woodlot. I have very large areas of concentrated ash trees and fearfully anticipate that the emerald ash borer will devastate those areas so diversity should pay off. Bert advised me that the acorns had already been floated and the floaters have been removed so the thought was that what remains are pretty well in good condition. To get an estimate of the number of acorns, I weighed 100 acorns and then weighed the whole box and by extrapolation calculated an estimate of 1270 acorns after taking out the weight of the box.

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