Sunday, November 14, 2004

Added all backdated entries from My Planner Journal

Today I went through my Franklin Planner/Journals and updated this blog with all past relevant entries. About my Franklin Planner, I have been an active user of my planner for well over ten years and see myself using it for many more - well into my retirement. Yearly I buy the Original-Classic refill. For every day it includes an inspirational quote which I quite enjoy. It is unquestionable that without this tool and its accompanying instructions – the first purchase, and that was long ago, came with four cassette tapes on time management by Hiram Walker – I would not have acquired the discipline of keeping records and journal entries and consequently would not likely have been able make as thorough a record of these blog posts.

When I first used it, it was called the Franklin Planner. It is now called FranklinCovey, which I presume is after a merger with the business of Stephen Covey of Seven Habits fame. As a side bar I first read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, several years ago and have reread it several times since. I still have not reached a level of high effectiveness but maybe one day. Seriously though, It is worth reading and along with the planner makes good company.

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