Thursday, November 18, 2004

Filmore R. Park Nut Grove near Kars, ON

Filmore R. Park Nut Grove is located in the Baxter Conservation Area just south of Kars, Ontario. It can be accessed from the McManus Interpretive Centre in the Baxter Conservation Area by following the trail from the back of the centre. At the entrance to the grove, there is a sign kiosk offering a detailed map of the site, and a free brochure for self-guided tours. Today there are more than 30 kinds of nut trees on display, comprising about 100 individual specimens. Included are Ginkgos, Nut Pines, Oaks, Walnuts, Hickories, Buckeyes, Horse Chestnuts, Hazels, Yellow horn, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Locusts, Beech, Black Cherry, Chestnut and Hackberry.

Contact: Sandy Graham, Kars, Ontario (613) 489-4159

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